Jens-Oliver Pukke, Owner


Evolved Photography (previously known as Jens-Oliver Photography), is owned and operated by  Photographer Jens-Oliver PukKé along with a rotating team of assistant’s, interns, and several specialized team members including a Drone Operator, Steady Cam Operators and Graphic Designers to fulfill all your Photo, Video Production and Social Media Branding needs such as Logo Design or Ad creation. I would like to welcome you to view my always evolving photography, with weekly updated collections of images to view, many of which are for sale as limited edition (MAX 5 copies per image sold, some less) available to own. I pride myself in only releasing these limited amounts rather than mass producing a few good images, thereby allowing the customer or collector to own a unique photograph from my collection. Although specializing in Architectural, Portrait  and Wedding Photography, i try to constantly evolve as a photographer and have traveled the multiple countries in search of stunning Landscapes, as well as thought provoking and emotional images, of human subjects, Wildlife and of inanimate objects that will translate to fine art prints. Both studio and Location Sessions are available for all shoots.

Along with Imaging, i also help with social media campaigns, most importantly the profile pictures and images you use to represent your company online. With quality of general photography quickly evolving, I aim to produce images that will allow you to stand out on site such as Facebook, twitter, Pinterest etc, where many of today clients look for content from the companies they do business with. Image is everything so call me today to renew your profile photos with as professional photograph by Evolved Photography.


Materials and Printing:

Although the images are able to be viewed digitally, they have much more impact and are intended to be printed specifically onto large canvas’ starting at 8×10″ and other printing materials, such as Luster and Metallic paper. I have included recommendations in the cart for each image to ensure you can own the photo at optimal quality, working with a select few online printing service providers that i have researched and thoroughly tested for color and quality consistency. None of my images are intended to be viewed or printed on glossy paper, so please keep this in mind as you make your purchases, especially if purchasing the digital versions for printing at your convenience.


Booking and other Services:

Interested in booking me for you next project or event? I am currently accepting bookings for 2015 and 2016 for both Architectural Walk-throughs , Private/Commercial Events, Portfolio Sessions, Real Estate, etc. Please contact me either though the website, or call me directly at 805-727-3295 and I will respond as quickly as possible.  My pricing is competitive with other high end photographers in the area and will match my direct competitors pricing (Price matched must have similar images quality). I am extremely confident that i will satisfy my customers needs, therefor if you do not like the images resulting from your session, i will refund all charges in excess of materials used and possible equipment rental fees. I look forward to working with you in the near future and hope you find a print you love or contact me to book your next Photo Shoot.


Online Tutorials, Blog and Santa Barbara Photo Tours:

My blog posts, live Streams on Meerkat and other Social Media sites like Twitter (@Evolvedphotoco), Facebook (Evolved Photography) are updated frequently and designed to provide behind the scenes look with stories, videos and tips/tricks for the every day hobby photographers to seasoned pros. The information i provide can be applied to cameras from Smartphone’s and point-and-shoots to DSLr’s. You can get a great shot by following a few simple rules that govern how light interacts with the censor or film behind your lens, and some of the advice that has allowed me to become successful from selling my first print, taken with a 2mp point and shoot created print over 9 years ago to becoming a full time artist. To sign up and join me to learn more about Photography, email me about upcoming group Tours/Classes, which are hosted by me and other special guest at unique locations in Santa Barbara, CA.

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