Blab Guidelines (Balbiquette), General Info. and Blab Dictionary is the newest streaming platform to hit thee internet by storm. Along with its mobile app, Blab can be accessed from any Computer and used with a variety of Webcams, Speakers, Mixers, DSLrs and an array of additional Audio/Video software which i cover in more detail on another post. Whether you want to promote your business, learn about new social media, Blab has the content you need to stay up to date in your field.

Below you will find a list of Community Guidelines which we created on Google Docs as the meeting was happening Live. This version was created my @EvolvedPhotoCo and contains all the information that is in the other versions with no additions made. This page also contain Blab guidelines, some general tips on Starting Blabs, Etiquette, Terminology (Blab Dictionary) and other useful tips and tricks.

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A set of guidelines recommended for and by the community about how to act on Blab.Im

8/26/2015 10:00AM PST

Moderators: Shaan Puri and Brittany Mettz

Blab video Link for reference:

Rules and Guidelines: The Blab-Way (created by the community)

  1. Don’t drive and Blab (RULE) [image if needed link ] =)
  2. Argue the point not the person .(Play the ball not the man)
  3. If you do not enjoy a topic, vote with your time by joining the blabs you are interested in.
  4. When possible, and the host requests it, please stay on topic until the discussion is open for additional topics.
  5. Be respectful of others time when you are in an open discussion. Share the seat for others to give their opinion.
  6. Host decides what the seat etiquette is. Don’t be DEAD WOOD.
  7. Don’t Be Rude ! No TROLLING !
  8. Respect the viewers time.
  9. NO NUDITY (This means bare chest and/or bottom for females and No garments below for men.) All else is up to the host.
  10. Don’t be creepy . No Twitt-stalking.
  11. Don’t leave the real world behind.

Innapropriate Content

  1. Illegal or Inappropriate; Defined as, Copyright infringement, Hateful, Hurtful, offensive or Vulgar
  2. If host is ok with foul language, it is acceptable. (vote with your time)
  3. Team blab will remove content as quickly as possible. Please report violations.
  4. Minors – see above rules #8-9 under Rules and Guidelines

Please feel free to add to this list during weekly Town Hall Meetings were issues/updates and general Blab News are discussed.

Shaan’s Campfire or Crowd —

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Blab “Lingo” used by The Community  

 Compiled beginning 7/24/15

Blab: The hottest new Live Streaming and Video Chat platform currently on the interwebs.

The Blabs: The current selection of content. The Lineup of Today’s Blabs.

(Vo)Blabulary: Vocabulary created by Blabbers about Blab or Blabbing.

Blabber: One who Blabs, A blabber.

Blabbing: Someone who is using Blab to communicate is…

Blabaholic: Someone who suffers from Blab addition. Blab Rehab has been known to assist Blaboholics in finding a Balance.

Blabologist: A Blab Know it all. Blabologists often refer to themselves as Experts in a field they have barely studied.

Blabtastic: Amazing + Blab Related. Blabtastic events can cause a person to be Blabbergasted in amazement.

Blathology: Theoretical Blabbing. Religous scholars have yet to make sense of this new system of often False Beliefs.

Blabulous: Fabulous Blab. Most of those who are seen as Blabulous won’t be around long, aka 1 Hit Blabbers.

Blabgasm : Orgasmic Blabs. Blabberbation can lead to Blabgasm. Warning, if your Blabgasm last more than 4 hrs, please disconnect your internet.

Blab-a-thon: A lengthy Blab created for a cause or purpose. These causes or “purposes” are often the opposite with no real purpose at all.

Blabicide: The act of ending your career with a horrendous Blab.  A late night can lead to Blabicide due to content disliked by ones normal audience.

Blabpolar: A Blab that changes topics multiple times. With respect to mental illness, quit changing the damn topic every 5 seconds.

Blabinar: a Webinar on Blab. Most daytimes blabs. And no i will not buy your e-book for 79.99 and rather ask google for the same answer.

Blabie: A photo of yourself Blabbing. Later the term referred to a plugin created by user @bkawk aka Will in China, from China.

Blabhopping: Jumping from one blab to another. Relax, take a seat, no need to be everywhere at once. One blab at a time is enough people !

Blurker: Blabber who only lurks and never talks or reveals himself, THE + 1s aka Creepers. Is it your boss ? Ex wife ? No dude your not that important.

BlabJacking: Taking over someone else’s Blab. Gimme back my blab… Ok maybe there was only 4 ppl b4 you got here but common… It’s just…

Feels (now known as Props): Worth nothing in the long term. Used to show the Blabber you agree with what he/she is saying. deleted after each blab. The controversy caused feels to become a term known only by Blab OG’s

Blab OG’s- Blabbers who came to the platform in the  first 1-2 months of it’s existence.

Propbombing: The act of sending a bulk of props to one person. LAAAAAAAAAAAG….

Blabsolutely: Agree with the whole blab.

Blabnormal: An abnormal Blab or Blabber. Did this blab just catch a different frequency ? Johnny Illuminati has been accused of being Blabnormal.

Blug: A bug in blab. Blugs have cause manny a frustrations… But as we all know… IT’s a BETA !

Blabbertising: advertising on Blab. Like i said before, NO, i will not buy your expensive ass Ebook with content available somewhere else for free.

Blombie: Someone who looks like a zombie from blabbing too much. Go on blab at 6am EST and check out the half asleep Blabaholics trying to hang on

Blabbergasted: The moment were Blab when the Internet seems to halt, you can feel your breath as you gasp for air, Did that just happen ?

A Doucheblab: A douchebag on Blab. Doucheblabs don’t last long these days. The little red  X is quite useful.

Blating: Dating on Blab. So far i am unaware of any true Blove having formed on Blab. Only time will tell.

SleepBlab: 2 people sleeping on blab with they phones on next to them, broadcasting it to the world (yes its happened lol)

Blerd: Blab Nerd.

Blemisis: Your Blab nemesis. Although mostly helpful to one another, competition does exist among Blabbers.

Blabtaneous: Spontanious action caused by a blab

Blabhole: An a-hole on blab. That one guy… You know who im talkin about

Blab.Rehab : a Place for those with Blaboholic inclinations to go and get well. My name is J and im a Blaboholic History: (originally coined by Illeane) (now a copycat show on blab)(coming soon, created by Jaron):

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