Embed Blab Live (Code and Instructions)

The Official release of the Embed Feature is finally here !
The people have spoken and the voices were heard… Blab has officially released the embed codes which enable you to have your blab stream play live on you website, including the ability to subscribe and comment on the video stream drawing in users that may not have otherwise found your content online and paving the way for future applications/ways of sharing the information and shows you created. Although those of us who have had prior experience with embedding video with iframe codes have already played around with this idea (including Joel Comm who “leaked” the ability to do this on his show 4 weeks ago) we were unable do get anything more than the video to play live making it difficult for viewers to participate in the chat.  One way to get the embed code is using Embedly which is a platform that allows you to embed many different platforms to your page, the second is by taking the code from the screen where you start/schedule your blab. The code generated through http://embed.ly/  will look something like this …
embed.ly blab 
“<a class=”embedly-card” href=” YOUR BLAB URL HERE </a>
<script async src=”//cdn.embedly.com/widgets/platform.js” charset=”UTF-8″></script>”



Blab Town Hall follow up… what did I miss?

The actual code released by Blab.im will give you a more functional window which allows for chatting with the streamers which i pasted below. After testing out the embed feature we discovered that by applying this code to your site, the +1s do show up, but with the embed.ly code they do not, meaning you could theoretically have a larger audience than you are aware off because you don’t need to access the URL of the blab nor log in to any social platforms to view the stream. What does this mean ? Well, not a lot if you are just chatting it up, sticking to the rules and following the community rules. Just remember, you are publicly broadcasting and whether you like it or not, anyone can watch anonymously, however wrong this may seem to most users.
To embed Blab on your site, follow these instructions.

Embedding your own blab

1. Create a Blab
2. End your blab withinn the 6 hour time frame
3. After your blab is finished, you’ll get an email with an embed code, both for your audio and video streams
4. Take the embed code your are emailed and copy and paste the embed code into your blog or website
5. Save your post

Embedding someone else’s blab on your site

1. Take the embed code from your Blab, or a saved word file including the code and add it to a blog post
2. Go to a blab you want to embed – pick one that is finished
3. Copy the URL for the blab
4. Change out the number listed in your embed code with the Url you just got from the other blab

And there you go, its that easy, You’ll now be able to embed your Blab on your blog or website!

Here is a recent bab where we review some of the news, enjoy time with friends, and argue the need for immediate addition of more features vs. using the great platform we have to it’s maximum potential. All the guests of this blog are good friends, as most of your fellow community member will become so dont take certain things to serious. (Especially Marcel’s anger lol.)




So what are you waiting for… GO TO BLAB.IM and live out the dream of starting YOUR OWN LIFE SHOW, The possibilities are ENDLESS !

Also Check out my friend Troy’s Blab about Embedding Blab on FACEBOOK !

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