vs. Meerkat vs. Periscope

Before we get too serious let me tell you the way a snippet of information travels these days…

“Yesterday i was Periscoping my Meerkat stream of a Blab discussion where we talked about using Twitter to highlight YouTube content about Facebook advertisements to engage viewers on Instagram feeds where and image of a Pinterest board grabbed my attention and made me visit my Google + account where my circle of friends included the founder of who i privately Ustreamed a message via Snapchat at the perfect time that Buffer told me my influencers were online assuring that the SEO of my Blog would benefit from the summary i posted about it all on Medium” – Me summing up the use/confusion of social media today and the amount of platforms we have to choose from for our business and personal use.

So let’s compare the 3 Live Streaming platforms currently most popular among live online content creators, along with a couple others that have not quite made name for themselves, or are used for very specific purposes therefor lacking the buzz and excitement that the 3 others share (, Hoot, Ustream) is the newest streaming platform to hit thee internet by storm. Along with its mobile app, Blab can be accessed from any Computer and used with a variety of Webcams, Speakers, Mixers even DSLRs and an array of additional Audio/Video software which i cover in more detail on another post. Whether you want to promote yourself, your business, learn about new social media or just chat with friends, Blab has come at the perfect time therefor quickly overshadowing previous group-chat apps like Google Hangouts due to its incredibly easy to use interface (UI) and the fact that even those less technically savvy now carry a supercomputer the size of a , well, cellphone in their pocket allowing them to stream hi=def video from wherever they choose to.

Although considered Live Streaming, Blab is NOTHING like Periscope or Meerkat, primarily because of the different approach to who can provide the live content by participating in the streaming. . The only similarity is the fact that they operate on phones and display video content created by it’s users. That’s were it ends. 1 to Many platforms like Meerkat allow you to stream yourself as viewers comment with text along the bottom of the screen, and although they are becoming g more advanced adding new features like Cameo and screen sharing, they still limit you as far as the discussion aspect is concerned often leading to a single point of view being “pushed” onto the many who are watching. Although this is great for some applications i find it at time narcissistic and therefor enjoy the quality discussions, light argumentation and exchange of ideas that i have come to find on Blab. It is currently still tiny, 20k less active users tiny, but it potential had created a hype it will likely live up to with a user retention seldom scene in its class of application. People, on average spend 2+ hours a day viewing blab and do so on a regular basis. The reason it doesn’t get bored is because there is always a new conversation to be had rather than just showing yourself doing whatever it is you do, over and over, with little variation in content.

“Lets get sushi, i know how much you love sushi!” she said only minutes after running into an online acquaintance and deciding to grab a soda-pop and chat a bit. To be honest my initial reaction was “heck yea, I can always go for sushi”, but as the thought marinated a bit, i began to feel a slight discomfort due to the amount of detailed information this (kind of) stranger knew about me. Although some users have become rather addicted to live streaming and seeing what someone is showing themselves doing in their personal life at any given moment, this big brother style voyeurism can at time lead to a one sided feeling that they are building a relationship with the streamer, who on the opposite end, only knows his viewers by the little text and emoji s which pop up on the screen. The Funky Fairy recently explained that although they love to meet their “fans” it can become a little uncomfortable to be rushed by someone who feels like they have become best buds through their communication and thereby feeling as though they have the right to hug them on their first encounter, rather than the normal initial introduction most common in establishing the first physical contact between 2 people. I could see how this becomes a it weird since they may have never seen the other person, most likely because a larger percentage is just there for viewing and lack the courage, or creativity to stream something that others would like to see on a regular basis. Then again, some of the content that draws large amount of viewers isn’t exactly filled with heart-pounding thrills so sometimes i believe that quantity and consistency, sadly, can beat quality on these platforms, something that will hopefully change as the excitement of voyeurism dies down and users begin to search for quality content that makes the receptors in our brain tingle a but more.  Until then tho, don’t worry if you don’t have much to say during your scheduled show, just make sure you say something !


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