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Although active all year around, this is the month were the non-profit NoKidHungry(#nokidhungry on social) makes an annual push by having restaurants participate in the efforts to increase the funds and # of meals we can provide to children suffering from a lack of nutrition right in our own cities! Here is a list of restaurants participating in this fundraiser by providing customers with discount and contributing part of their profits to the organization. A meal for you, a meal for them is the general theme of the program. (dineout.nokidhungry.org). As you can see below, the amount of restaurants participating is enormous so please participate by choosing one of the listed establishments, im sure that there is something in there you will enjoy, even if for some unlikely reason your favorite restaurants isn’t one of the thousands of dots, in this case in and around the LA county area. I was first introduced to this organization by Brian Fanzo, a social media strategist and event speaker who volunteers his time as a board member. Since last weekend i have been trying to encourage those who can to contribute and continue to hope that i will make some substantial print sales in order to donate some funds to the organization. Please purchase any of my Art Prints so that we can contribute in feeding one of the young kids out there who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. I will continue to give a 25% discount and contribute another 20% of each sale to the organization throughout the month of September. If you are visiting for the first time, i always contribute 20% of all print sales to charity, rotating them according to which organization is running a specific campaign, or current world events which require monetary aid so if you are currently unable to make a purchase, rest easy that there will be other opportunities to do good while treating yourself to a canvas or paper print of one of my photos. (But don’t let that stop yo you from buying one TODAY !) Thank you for your help !


No Kid Hungry #nokidhungry

No Kid Hungry #nokidhungry restaurants participating with discounts.


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