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Based in Santa Barbara. Available for Booking throughout California !

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(Rates / rate Cards are subject to change. Please confirm rates with Evolved Photography at time of booking your session or event)

Individuals: Starting at $99.99

Portrait and/or Full Body Shot Session Packages start at $99.99 for solo Head Shots, Portraits and/or Full Body Portrait including 1 outfit and 5 to 10 digital copies of images from a 1 hour session. Optional to extend time available depending on schedule. All photographs include Crop/Edit. For Touch-ups a fee of $ 10 dollars per image will be applied to the total cost of the session due to the detailed work required. As the photographer i will do everything possible to ensure that there are no visible wardrobe malfunction, obstacles etc yet please come prepared to shoot (unless otherwise discussed) All Photo shoots include an additional consultation after booking / before the shoot in order to get to know one another a bit thereby creating a much more comfortable environment and to give you the best advice on how to maximize results from our session. We always leave some buffer time between shoots for unforeseeable interruptions etc ,ensuring you will have the best results from your time with the photographer.

GROUP RATES: Families and small groups starting at $149.99

Family/Group up to 6 people(Dogs will be counted as 1 person each) 1 hour sessions begin at $149.99 for locations in and around Santa Barbara (10 mile range) at location of your choice. Basic session includes 10 images Crop/Edit. Evolved Photography Touch-Up including blemish removal etc is available at an additional rate of $12 per image.

Company Staff Photos and other Large Groups ( 8 or more) 1.5 hour sessions begin at $249.99 for basic packages which include Crop/Edit of 10 images. Touch ups available at additional cost discussed prior to session.

Small Weddings begin at $299.99 for ceremony + 45 min Portrait session. Small weddings are customized for each client depending on attendance, location and other add-ons available.

Large Weddings (20 or more attendees) Prices vary on exact number of guests, as well as add-ons such as rehearsals, engagement photos etc. Several Packages are available ranging from $799.00 up to $4499.99 for weddings over 100 guests requiring multiple photographers.

Architectural Portfolio and Real Estate: Starting at $95 per hour w/ guaranteed

Architectural: Due to the variety of needs from the client, Interior and/or Exterior Sessions usually have custom prices which are discussed for each individual client. General Real estate or last minute shoots are charged at an hourly rate of $95/hour up to $160/hour including a min of 10 Photos for each hour of shooting (after editing), as well as Crop/Basic Edits plus a 30 minute phone consultation. If available, Personal Scouting images taken by you must be sent to the me a min of 7 days prior to shoot Images included in rate must be of spaces with sufficient Natural Lighting. If artificial light is needed, please provide detailed information about the space in your email. For detailed correction of images and removal of any obstructions or other unwanted objects are quoted for an additional fee discussed prior to shoot.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Edits / Additional Touch-Up: Only ~$10.00 per photo

All Clean-up/Major edits requested after photographs have been received by you will be a minimum of $10 up to $20 per image, depending on size and difficulty of edit/touch-up Basic Edits described in all packages include Crop, White Balancing, Color correction and other adjustments needed to ensure quality images. Full Touch ups are any edits needed to correct any part of the image over which the photographer has no control (ex. Skin blemishes, pimples, objects in background etc) and unique to each image and pricing will be discussed prior to shoot and therefor may vary. The always evolving photography and photographs can be printed through one of the services offered through my website at no additional fees beyond sessions fees and pricing provided by companies for prints and are shipped directly to your door.

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