#Snapchat101 : Engaging the Youth, 10 Seconds at a Time

Live Blab from 10/20/15 ft. Introduction to SnapChat for Business By EvolvedPhotoCo and Friends
Topic 2: Online Safety and the Anti Troll Movement #DONTBEQUIET 

100 million daily active users worldwide

Age 18-24: 45 percent
Age 25-34: 26 percent
Age 35-44: 13 percent
Age 45-54: 10 percent
Age 55-64: 6 percent
For a total of 400 Million Snaps a day…
If your company is advertising to the under 34 crowd, you have 61 percent of the platforms attention, THAT’s HUGE, with a study showing that almost 55 percent of those who are solicited on Snapchat purchase with products you send them a coupon for or otherwise discount through the platform.

The info you need to make you a Snapchat Master.


1) Be Genuine. Provide Content that your audience can relate to and just be yourself. This platform isn’t you to create content that fits its needs but serves as a mini broadcast of snippets throughout your day giving you the ability to run them in sequence, alone or direct message them to friends.

2) Whether filming your dog jumping for a treat or the kids enjoying the beach, there are 100 million active users with over 400 million snaps per day… THAT’S ~4 PER PERSON and consistently so.

3) Show the audience a glimpse in to your personal life that they can’t get anywhere else but please be careful with how much you expose. Although we like to believe in the good of humanity, someone out there may not, and therefor exposing where you live, when and where you go on vacation aren’t always the safest ways out using this, or any video based platform. Please review some of the cases that have happened in vegas recently, including my old boss’s trailer filled with 4 race ready quads, likely due to his steady stream announcing where he is, where hes going, and later the fact that he was passing out like a rock. If you gonna steal something, let it be from a rock. ( Not that you should)

4) K.I.S.S   Keep It Simple Stupid … This isn’t rocket-science, point the camera at something, to be honest it could be your new lawnmower or you brand new Ferrari, someone will enjoy it, and by sharing a part of your life, they will feel apart there of making it more likely that they will invest a part of their time into future contact with you or respond to your call of action when it truly counts.

5)If used for marketing, the goal is to go from One to Many to 1 on 1, at which point you have already begun to gather trust from your potential client. Start by letting people get to know you and don’t get frustrated if you’re not selling out your stock of product the first day. A little reading into the book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook written by Social Media Empire KingPin @GaryV which explains this type of strategy in detail and shows you how building trust by introducing information in smaller chunks can assure that it is read before going in for the sale could greatly increase your chances of separating yourself from the chatter that is distracting the buyer from seeing why (i even if it isn’t) your product and/or idea is the way to go !

6)Let your customers feel as though they know you, like an honorary family member allowed to see the behind the scene action that would normally be keep in private. You’ve seen how jealous some people get when they are left out of an inside joke, well the opposite goes for someone included. Sharing a secret is like entering a contract. They will buy that new book your releasing, just to hold on to that feeling of inclusion .

6b)Have you seen those little videos on twitter ? Well they can do a lot for the 30 seconds +20 for posting it takes to send one. I have recieved a fair share of them, yet it never gets old to have someone introduce themselves, giving you the ability to look them I the eye, a HUGE bonus when trying to build trust.

7) Snapcodes allow you to scan your avatar and add friends ,so make 4 funny faces and set your sequence of images on the home screen, take a screenshot, and post the QR code in other Social Media Streams. Others will know what to do, and i you add a little but of content to it, your pretty much guaranteed to add a few followers to your list.

8) Geo-codes can be created and added creating an image layer that will be placed over the content created in the area you selected from a map. Anytime a user chooses to use your image as a filter you have the opportunity to subliminally steer them toward a certain thought or direction, be it by the use of your companies colors, or, although difficult, tricking the system and making the cut with an abstract part or other form of your logo/ any information into the filter.( That’s a potential of 100 mil people seeing your design…) Due to the the officially regulated content on these filters, you may need a few tried before you fir the exact pixel dimensions ad didn’t cut to far ot o this to pop, and if  they see you trying  If you next to the Golden age… it my as filters over their snaps when entering a zone specified by you.

9)This is not the platform to try and sell directly to your audience but rather allow them to form a trusting relationship with you and your brand ,thereby allowing you to include them in future emails, tweets etc that may be more business related without the stigma of only wanting them around for they money.

10) You can save snaps or let them dissapear. The other option is to add them to you daily story and allow them remain online for 24hrs. This is where the true power comes in … who wouldn’t wanna live a day in your life ? hrmm

11) Numbers aren’t everything, providing value to few can go further than trying to always reach the masses. I would rather have 1 friends i can trust than 10 i barely know so take your time with the people you meet and be sure to know something about their life as well. There’s nothing worse than someone else always showing themselves at Disneyland and you getting and email in which they order your new custom product “you know, with the thing you always see me snapping about engraved on it.” Crap… was it Mickey mouse or Tony Montana… you see why this could go wrong.

12) Lastly, The influencers can benefit off this platform whether streaming from behind the scenes at live events or helping a particular brand. Just like with Instagram and other social channels, social media influencers on Snapchat can help spread brand awareness and reach to many young consumers eager to buy the newest hottest items. By partnering with influencers, you can spread awareness to a demographic that’s hard to reach through traditional media and therefore usually very expensive. With snapchat… all this is made possible the low cost of… nothing.

Tips and Tricks…


1) YES, you CAN post any video or photo onto Snapchat, not just the ones taken in the app… For Ios check out an app called “Uploader for Snapchat” for Ios and the video below for Android.

2)Snapchat is very adamant about their rules concerining the way you spell their name… Capitalizing the C in Chat or Splitting the words apart is likely to result in a letter or email, depending on your level of exposure.

3) Keep you content PG.. whats worse than loosin 1 potential client ? Loosing 2… So if a youngster finally convinced his mom to pay for that new Swag you are advertising, they may not pull the trigger if they see the CEO doing keg-stands at 4am on a Tuesday morning with a shirt on that says Play Hard, Play Harder. (lol, yes i saw someone with that shirt… and no…   i didn’t buy anything off them.)



Well.. That’s a little bit to get you going on your Snap-Venture so download the App and take us through your day,

a few seconds at a time, often turning the mundane into the possibility of Snapchat wide fame !


How to post any image or video on snapchat…


The videos above are created by and used from the Youtube Channel by: BreakTheInternet – Social Media, Technology, and MORE! ‘s Channel on youtube for for awesome Tips, Tricks and Hacks for your favorite Apps ! Thanks for the great/useful videos you guys put together… Right to the point without the fluff and 30 links covering the video!
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